Women’s Group Demands Anti-Erection Pill


A California-based women’s advocacy group, known as Women in Favor of Erectile Dysfunction (WIFED), has demanded that the Federal Government provide funding for the development of an anti-erection pill.

At a news conference in Los Angeles, Ms. Gloria Allwet, the spokesperson for WIFED, had this to say: “Why in the hell do we have so many pills to cure erectile dysfunction (ED)? In our opinion, ED is a good thing. After all, men with erections cause most of the problems in the world, such as wars, overpopulation and groping.

“Furthermore, do we really need something to make men think about sex even more than they do now? Isn’t 99.9% of the time sufficient? Not to mention that at some point in women’s lives they should be able to say, ‘Enough already with the sex.’ A 75-year-old man with a full-blown erection isn’t all that attractive. Believe me.”

When asked about this issue, the two major presidential candidates had these comments:

Mr. Trump: “I pretty much have an erection all the time, so I doubt the pill would have any effect on me.”

Mrs. Clinton: “I’ve been a long term advocate for anti-erection medication. Ever since I married Bill, in fact.”

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