This Is NOT a Fake Scam


Dearly SPECIAL human:
It is most tragic that goodly people like yourself have been victimated by fake money scams, so I tell you now: This is NOT a fake scam.

My name is Mrs. Schamby Fraudish, and I am a human person who is dying in hospital of a condition. I was married to a great and wonderful doctor who killed himself by accident. He had a NET MONEY worth of thirteen million USA dollars and 34 cents ($13,000,000.34) that I want to give to a “SPECIAL human” for charity. I know YOU are this human because you have the e-mail.

All I ask is that you send me $450 USA dollars to pay for my death funeral and the transfer of  your moneys.

I also need this INFORMATIONS:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Bank accounts
  • PIN codes
  • Right thumb

Please send money now as I will be dead soon…unless I am already dead, but you should still send money anyway.

Yours in peace and love,

P.S. This has endorsing of  Federal Bureau of Instigation (FBI) so you know it is not a fake scam.

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