The Cyberverse in a Nutshell


byteing-words-nutThe Internet
A worldwide network in which complex computing machines and intricate connections enable humans to continuously transfer dirty pictures and recycled jokes around the Earth.

A highly sophisticated Internet search engine that allows people to find websites they wish they hadn’t.

A message service that empowers its users to quickly and efficiently showcase their stupidity.

A place on the Internet where “olds” (over-30s), who have no lives, share the most minute details of their day-to-day experiences with other olds who have no lives. (A warning: What happens on Facebook doesn’t stay on Facebook.)

Similar to Facebook, but for people who are too lazy to write about the minutiae of their lives, so they send pictures and videos of it instead.

An Internet site that empowers people who have similar interests to bore each other to death.

A storehouse of videos that enables people to squander vast amounts of time looking at kittens cavorting, and watch DIY videos that inspire them to embark on projects they will later regret.

An e-commerce site that keeps unwanted crap circulating throughout the planet.

A service that enables “non-olds” (under-30s) to constantly annoy their friends in a multitude of ways with disappearing messages.

A virtual dating service founded by guys who were so busy writing computer code that they never actually dated.

An almost-free text messaging app that allows teens to waste even more time sending and receiving mindless text messages.

A social and news networking service comprised mainly of people who have no one in their real lives interested in them, so they come to Reddit desperately hoping someone will ask them something about themselves.

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