The Byteing Words Sex Six Quiz


Caving into the mania for all things sexual, we have created our own sex quiz. See how many of these sex-words you can match with their meanings.


  1. Occurring every six years.
  2. A person who is in the age group from 60 to 69.
  3. A navigational instrument used to determine latitude and longitude.
  4. The second Sunday before Lent.
  5. Of, or relating to, the number 60.
  6. To make six copies of.
  7. Having six fingers or toes.
  8. A group of six people, usually performers.
  9. A church employee or officer who is responsible for the care of church property.
  10. Of or relating to the position of two celestial bodies when they are 60° apart.


A) Sextant
B) Sexdigital
C) Sextile
D) Sextuplicate
E) Sexton
F) Sexennial
G) Sexagenarian
H) Sexagesima
I) Sextet
J) Sexagesimal


Practicing virgin: 0 – 2 right
Non-practicing virgin: 3 – 5 right.
Experienced: 6 – 7 right
Too experienced: 8 right.
Adult film star: 10 right.

Answers: 1-F; 2-G; 3-A: 4-H; 5-J; 6-D; 7-B; 8-I; 9-E; 10-C

Famous To-do Lists


Byteing-words-Einstein-ortsAlbert Einstein

  1. Discover at least one secret of the universe before lunch.
  2. Get haircut.
  3. Rehearse extemporaneous Nobel Prize acceptance speech.
  4. Give two-weeks’ notice to Swiss patent office.
  5. Feed Schrödinger’scat. (Be careful opening cat-box.)


Attila the Hun

  1. Valentine’s Day. Flowers for odd-numbered wives; candy for even-numbered ones.
  2. Attend “Pillage and Plundering” seminar Tuesday night .
  3. Get extra sunscreen for invasion of Italy.
  4. RSVP for Friday night gorgefest.
  5. Trademark “Scourge of God” nickname

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