“I don’t vote with my vagina!” says Susan Sarandon

Gynecologists Applaud Sarandon’s Decision

In a recent BBC interview, academy award winning actress Susan Sarandon was asked if she was voting for Hillary Clinton. Ms. Sarandon replied, “I don’t vote with my vagina.” Obviously, Ms. Sarandon was saying that she did not intend to jeopardize her lady parts by voting for Mrs. Clinton.

While Ms. Sarandon’s remarks brought widespread criticism from the Clinton campaign, and, strangely enough, from the National Football League (whose players are avidly pro-vagina), gynecologists throughout America have praised her decision.

A spokesperson for the American Gynecological & Obstetrical Society issued a supporting statement: “We applaud Ms. Sarandon’s prudent stand on this issue. Far too many women are seriously injured attempting to pull the levers with their vaginas and end up with a painful condition known as ‘labia lever.’ Furthermore, with a woman running for president, we fear it will reach epidemic proportions.

“By standing up against this ill-advised practice, Ms. Sarandon has saved thousands, perhaps millions of women, from unnecessary pain and suffering. And if this means splitting the split-tail vote, so be it. Vaginal safety trumps all other issues.”

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