General Motors Recalls 400,000 Toyotas…

“They Were Mislabeled,” GM CEO Says.



In a move that shocked the entire auto industry, the General Motors Corporation announced a recall of over 400,000 Toyota Camrys, claiming they were actually Chevrolet Malibus that were “maliciously mislabeled.” A GM spokesperson said the problem was caused by a disgruntled computer engineer who programmed the Toyota name and logo into the Chevrolet branding software after the company blocked his Internet porn accounts.

By the time GM workers realized what had happened—which took almost a full year—the Chevy factories had produced over 400,000 cars. In a press conference explaining this colossal oversight, GM CEO Mary Barra said, “You’d think that someone would have noticed the mistake a lot sooner. But ever since we allowed people to bring their cell phones to work, no one seems to notice anything.”

When contacted, a Toyota Corporation spokesperson insisted that the cars really were Toyota Camrys. She said that GM just wanted to make people believe they were Chevrolets because, in her words, “GM cars stink like rotting fugu [blowfish].”

In retaliation, Toyota recalled 400,000 Chevrolet Impalas and relabeled them as Nissan Sentras. As yet, there is no official reaction from the Nissan Corporation, but industry scuttlebutt suggests they are considering a mass recall of Honda Accords.

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