Byteing Words Goes “Bacterial” 


byteing-words-goes-bacterial-3Thanks to the many people who came to our site intentionally (and to those who ended up here during a meth-crazed surfing binge), Byteing Words has gone “bacterial.” This, according to the all-seeing, all-knowing Google Analytics. (Praise be to Google.)

For those of you not familiar with Analytics jargon, “bacterial” is a measure of a website’s popularity, and is located midway between “bronchial” (a few hundred views) and “viral” (millions of views).

According to Google guidelines, the bacterial phase is normally non-infectious, but they still suggest wearing gloves, respirators and, if applicable, condoms, while surfing such websites.

In addition, Byteing Words recommends a preventive antibiotics regimen if you’re going to be spending a lot of time here. “Why?” you ask. Well, let’s just say that there’s an awful lot of scratching going on among the staff and leave it at that.

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