Biblical Reality Shows


ByteingWords-CainWith reality shows flooding the TV channels, it can’t be too long before producers run out of ideas and start looking for new sources. Sooner or later, they will realize that the Bible has some great reality scenarios.

The Cain and Abel Big Brother Show

(Caution: Graphic violence)

Brothers try to outdo each other by seeing who can make the most pleasing gift for the show’s host. The loser tries to kill the winner.

The Abraham and Sarah Geriatric Mating Game

Elderly couples are taken to romantic locations throughout the world. The first couple to get pregnant wins.

American Idolatry

Contestants compete to see who can make the best golden calf.

Judge Judy Solomon

Extremely difficult moral and legal questions are presented to the judge. She has to come up with ingenious ways of resolving the dilemmas. (Note: No babies will be harmed in the production of this program.)

The Newly Fed Game

Each week, four couples are each given a few fish and some loaves of bread. They compete to see who can feed the most people.

Holy Water Survivor

Catholics and Baptists battle each other while immersed in the Jordan River. Catholics try to splash the Baptists into submission. Baptists try to hold the Catholics under water until they concede.

Real Afterlife

“Salvation-by-faith” couples and “salvation-by-works” couples live together. Theological sparks fly.

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