Trump Agrees to Chemical Castration…
Hillary Volunteers Bill for Same Procedure


Ever since Mr. Trump’s highly offensive remarks about women became public, his campaign has been in major damage control mode. In an effort to quash the story, which still rages even after the second debate, Trump had this to say:

“When I bragged that I could get away with groping women just because I’m famous, the liberal attack media, as usual, interpreted this negatively and claimed that I had no respect for pus… uh, women. That’s a complete lie. No one has more respect for women than me, especially the hot ones with big bazooms. To prove my sincerity, I have arranged to undergo chemical castration of my right testicle.”

When asked why he was doing only his right testicle, Mr. Trump replied, “I never said I’d give my left nut to be president.”

As soon as Mrs. Clinton was informed of Trump’s plans, she called a news conference and said, “I have been encouraging my husband to undergo this procedure for about… well, for our entire marriage, actually. Being a typical testosterone-addled male, he has resisted the idea.

“However, now that Trump has offered to do it, although in his usual half-assed way, Bill said he would too, but in a complete way. And here he is to explain why he is taking this dramatic step. Tell them, Bill. Bill?”

Unfortunately, when Mrs. Clinton turned around, Mr. Clinton had departed the building and was last seen, as one reporter put it, “goin’ balls to the wall.”


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