In Thirty Years Millennials Will Be Saying…


Byeting_Words_30-Years-Millennials-Will-SayToday’s singers are awful. They can’t even come close to the legends of our time, like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

Can you believe that schools don’t even teach kids how to text anymore? Written language is dying.

And what’s with that “Frip Music” they’re listening to? It all sounds the same to me.

In my day we had to drive our own cars to get around.  Now everyone uses self-driving drones.

I remember when we had to live with the bodies we were born with. These days you can go to a place like “Pimp My Genome” and come out looking like a movie star.

I really liked holding a cell phone in my hand, before we all had Wi-Fi brain implants. I miss the social connection of watching people talk and text.

I’m definitely voting for Kanye West for President.  Chelsea Clinton is just too much of a loose cannon.

I remember when space exploration was an exciting venture. Now we have Disney cruises to Uranus.

I miss global warming. This global cooling is miserable.

I’m not sure that I’m ready for immortality. I can barely keep myself entertained on a rainy weekend.

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