McDonald’s Cancels Move To Mexico…

 “Half A Million Jobs Saved!” Trump Tweets.

Just as he promised, president-elect Donald Trump is keeping jobs in the U.S. His latest coup is a deal he struck with the McDonald’s Corporation, which was planning on closing over 14,000 restaurants in America and moving them to Mexico.

To prevent this from happening Mr. Trump said he would:

  1. Put a $6,000 tariff on all hamburgers imported into the U.S.
  2. Round up the senior management of McDonald’s and make them play four rounds of golf at Mar-a-Lago, Trump’s Palm Beach resort, while carrying their own clubs.

However, to sweeten the deal, Trump promised McDonald’s over $100 billion in tax breaks and federal subsidies.

For their part, McDonald’s executives, who were questioned by reporters while partying at a South Beach strip club, said they had great respect for Mr. Trump’s  deal-making abilities.

“In fact,” one executive said, “we’re so happy with this deal that we might try the same stunt every year.”

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