Make Thanksgiving Great Again

In keeping with his promise to “Make America Great Again,” President-elect Donald Trump has decided to begin with this year’s Thanksgiving holiday. In doing so, Mr. Trump has issued the following Executive Orders, make that Executive Suggestions, to the American public.


Main Course

1) If serving a meat dish, it should be Trump Roast.

2) If serving turkey, you should include at least eight additional Trumpsticks.

3)  If serving seafood, Trumpetfish is acceptable.


1) Tweet potatoes are the approved choice.

And just to show he is “fair and balanced,” Mr. Trump has included:

2) A Hillary of Beans


1) The standard Trumpkin pie is recommended.

2) Melania Melons are also acceptable.


And when the kids get bored, Mr. Trump suggests the following games:

1) Can you get to the Donald?byteing-words-maze

2) Color the Donaldbyteing-words-color-trump

3) Which Donald is different?byteing-words-trump-moustache

And when the holiday is over, just gather up all the trash and toss it into the―you guessed it―TRUMPSTER!byteing-words-trumpster-2


Happy Thanksgiving

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