Kamikaze Airlines
Customer Survey

A recent search of WWII Japanese military archives uncovered a large number of intriguing documents, including the only known copy of the Kamikaze Airlines Customer Survey form. It is shown below.

  1. Was this your first time on Kamikaze Airlines?

□  Yes
□  No

(Note: If your answer is “No” you’ll have to attend at least one Hara-kiri training class.)

  1. Other than the part where you crashed into an American naval vessel, would you say it was a positive experience?

□  Yes
□  No
□  It was positively smashing

  1. Would you volunteer to do it again?

□  No
□  Seriously?

  1. Would you recommend Kamikaze Airlines to others?

□  Yes
□  No

  1. If the answer to number 5 is “Yes,” to whom would you recommend it?

□  The guy who decided this was a good idea
□  My wife’s Karate instructor
□  Prime Minister Tojo
□  All of the above

  1. Tell us how we can improve our service, such as:

□  Airbags
□  Ejection seats
□  Round-trip tickets
Other suggestions (please keep it clean)  _______________

Thanks for your input! Thus far, 000 people have responded to this survey.

Kamikaze Airlines

One-way only

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