Criminals Want To Join The Anti-Trump Movement
“All Trump Haters Welcome!” Say Protest Leaders

Although he has been president only since January 20th, Donald Trump has generated a massive number of protest movements. In fact, Mr. Trump has so many protestors that he has even started to brag about it on Twitter.

“My protest numbers are through the roof! They’re HUGE! Even more than SATAN!” he recently tweeted.

Now a new group has joined the anti-Trump movement: Criminals. Represented by the National Association of Creeps, Sleazebags and Scumbuckets, (NACSS), criminals are demanding the right to march against Trump, as soon as they get out of jail, that is.

At a recent news conference, Mr. Morton Shmidlap, president of NACSS, was asked just what America’s criminals had against President Trump. “Nothing yet,” responded Mr. Shmidlap, “but sooner or later he’ll say something to insult the criminals, and we’re ready to jump all over it.”

Then Shmidlap added, “If anyone out there is a criminal and would like to join our movement, just steal a computer or a smartphone and visit to sign up.”

When, the leader of a major protest group known as NOW (The National Organization of Whiners), was asked if she had a problem with criminals joining the movement, she replied, “It doesn’t matter how much of a scumbag you are. As long as you’re a Trump hater, we welcome you… except for climate change deniers, of course.  We do have our standards.”

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