An Open Letter To Bob Dylan

byteing-words-nobel-2Dear Mr. Dylan,
In regard to your snubbing of the Nobel Prize, I think I speak for a great many people when I say, “What the %&#?!” Who doesn’t want a Nobel Prize? Like you, the French writer Jean Paul Sartre didn’t, so it would have to be someone who is …

  1. The personification of artistic integrity, or,
  2. A world class pain-in-the-tush, or,
  3. Bat-crap crazy, or,
  4. A combination of the above

In addition to rankling the Swedish Academy (the organization that awards the Prize), you also ticked off a sizeable portion of the Swedish population. Granted, the world doesn’t exactly tremble at the sight of ticked-off Swedes, but you might want to bypass Stockholm in your next world tour.

Still, a Nobel Prize can brighten up anyone’s resume, so I have a proposition for you. I will fly to Sweden, pick up your medal, your diploma and the 1.2 million bucks. Then I will find you and personally hand you said items. My fee for this service, by an amazing coincidence, is $1.2 million, plus expenses.

If you’re interested, please contact me via this website.

Anabelle Wong
Logistical Procurement Manager (aka Gofer)
Byteing Words, LLC

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